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Zenith Back Stick

Zenith Back Stick

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Intelligent Approach to Back Pain and Flexibility

Long working hours sitting down or prolonged sessions of looking at our phones are severely affecting our posture & back health.

Welcome your solution. Naturally alleviate back pain, discomfort & tension caused by improper posture from a predominantly seated lifestyle.

Quickly Improve Posture and Stretch Your Back

It's time to take control over your back & posture health. Just 10 minutes per daywill contribute to giving you amore confident-looking, healthy posture.

Stay Flexible Anywhere with Our Easy-to-Carry Stretch Bar

Easily take apart your Stretch Bar and bring it with you anywhere you go. Whether you're at home, at work, or at the gym, the Stretch Bar has your "back".

Effortless Stretching for Tight Muscles

We know how it feels. That long day of studying, zoom calls, lectures, you name it. Your aching, muscles are tight or seized up or you just need that good old stretch or back crack. Well, here you have it. Your natural relief. 

  • 97%

    Claimed that their back pain reduced in just 30 days.

  • 93%

    Felt improved posture in days.

  • 97%

    Stated they have reduced muscle stiffness.

  • 92%

    Said that they love starting their mornings with the Back Stick Bar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Karina Schimmel


Daniella West

60cm is not long enough for me as an adult.

Quinn Trantow

Is a bit shorter then I thought, but nevertheless good product

Santiago Mante

Exactly as per ad. I have to get used to using it. Seller communicated well.

Uriel Labadie

For my daughter, this works perfectly. For me as an overweight male, this product doesn't work as well. While it does have arms that extend out and lock in place, if you have too much fat around midsection you will have a hard time getting your arms around the poles. While I am able to do it, my arms are tingling when I've finished. It's not a limitation of the device, it's just not intended for people who are really overweight.