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Vega Foam Roller

Vega Foam Roller

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Intense Massage with Spiked Bumps

Experience deep muscle relief and improved flexibility with our dual grid foam roller. The finger zone features ridges for targeted massage, while the opposite side boasts spiked bumps for a more intense massage. Use before or after your workout to stretch and condition muscle tissue and alleviate painful trigger points.

Speed-up Recovery with Strong Vibration Experience

Relax and revitalize your muscles with our foam roller. Ideal for pre- and post-workout recovery, this fitness tool is essential for beginners and pros alike. With a dual grid design featuring ridges and spikes, our foam roller provides deep tissue massage for improved flexibility and mobility. Say goodbye to muscle pain and hello to optimal performance.

Experience Realistic Massage with 3D Technology

Experience deep muscle relief with our 3D massage foam roller. Designed to mimic the touch of a therapist's fingers, palm, and thumb, our roller is lightweight and solid. Get the massage you need, anytime, anywhere.

Boost Your Performance

Keep and increase the elasticity and performance capacity of the muscles.

Targeted muscle regeneration.

Loosen adhesions and tight spots in muscles and fascia.

Customer Reviews

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Cierra Kertzmann

this is a little more compact than I expected and I found this quite useful for traveling and bringing to the gym because my previous roller was too big to bring my other stuff. No more excuses to leave my roller at home.