SR-7 Zero Gravity Serenity Massage Chair with MP3 Music Player

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SR-7WHT Upholstery: White The Serenity Zero Gravity Massage Chair is beautifully designed to complement any room in your house. This is a hybrid recliner including many therapeutic features. In fact, the Serenity comes with the most features of any zero gravity recliner on the market today. The soft plush material envelopes you as you lay back into the recliner. Automatically recline back and enjoy the relief of reducing the pressure on your spine. Activate the soothing comfort of heat to provide warmth. An invigorating vibration massage comes with three programs to help loosen tight muscles. Warm down with a relaxing air compression massage to provide relief with gentle pressure. The Serenity zero gravity massage chair provides style and relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Massage Functions: -Vibration Massage Programs: With eight strategically located vibration motors (two for buttocks,two for thighs, two for calves, and two for feet) the Serenity chair provides an invigorating massage system and relief to many areas of the body.. -Air Massage System: Three automatic air massage programs comprised of seven airbags (three air bags located in the seat, two in the back and two for the neck) for relieving the body of aches and pains. -Full Body Heat: Heaters located throughout the recliner at the touch of a button, activate the soothing comfort of heat. Feel the spread of its warmth as it begins to relieve your aching body. Heat is commonly used in sports therapy to enhance blood flow and reduce swelling.. -Lumbar Massage: Adjustable mechanical roller for a gentle kneading and rolling action to the lumbar area for three levels of massage. This helps to loosen up the lower back as you relax.. Features: -3 Automatic Vibration Massage Programs. -4 Manual Vibration Massages . -3 Automatic Air Massage Programs . -3 Levels of Air Pressure Intensity . -7 Airbags ( 3 Seat, 2 Back, & 2 Neck) . -Full Body Heaters . -Lumbar Kneading Massage w/ 3 Speed Levels . -MP3 Music

SR-7 Zero Gravity Serenity Massage Chair with MP3 Music Player Upholstery: White

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