SL-6 Zero Gravity Skyline Massage Chair with Heat Therapy


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SL-6BLK Upholstery: Black The Skyline Zero Gravity Massage Chair is handsomely crafted and has the most advanced feature set. This contemporary design is urban chic complimenting your beautiful home or office. You will find a complete set of relaxation features in the hybrid Skyline massage chair. Relax in the zero gravity reclined position and select from many therapeutic features. There are 3 soothing vibration massage programs to ease aches and pains. A built in MP3 Player with headphones lets you relax to your favorite music with the provided USB stick. The Skyline has a relaxing compression massage with its 7 specially designed airbags. Its perfect to just sit back and read a book. Activate the soothing comfort of heat to provide warmth as you relax in perfect harmony. The Skyline zero gravity massage chair provides contemporary styling with advanced relaxation features for your home or office. Massage Functions: -Air Massage System: There are 3 automatic programs for the air massage system. The Skyline massage chair lets you set the intensity of the air pressure to suit your needs. Each air massage program is designed for providing relief to areas of the body. There are 7 air bags in the Skyline’s air massage system. You will find three air bags located in the seat. There are two airbags for the back and also two airbags for the neck. . -Vibration Massage System: The vibration massage system of the Skyline zero gravity chair has three automatic vibration massage programs. These programs provide a variety of soothing and relieving programs to bring full body relief. A total of 8 vibration motors are used to target the lower body. Vibration motors are located 2 each to target the buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. These vibration massages penetrate through the muscle tissue for deep relief. You may also select the location of the vibration massage. The Skyline massage chair lets you target the buttocks, thighs, calves or all locations. The simple and easy to use

SL-6 Zero Gravity Skyline Massage Chair with Heat Therapy Upholstery: Black


  • 3 Automatic Vibration Massage Programs
  • 4 Manual Vibration Massage Programs
  • 3 Automatic Air Massage Programs
  • 3 Levels of Air Pressure Intensity
  • Full Body Heaters
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SL-6 Zero Gravity Skyline Massage Chair with Heat Therapy
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