Inada Massage Chairs FML-3000A(IV) Cube, Ivory

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To see cube is to want to try cube. to try cube is to love cube. just a minute or two on the inada cube is all it takes for a first-time user to marvel at the incredible completeness of such a diminutive robotic massage unit. as the technological leader in home-massage, it should not surprise anyone that our cube has emerged from the world-renowned inada “skunk works” in osaka, japan. cube breaks all traditional barriers in the foot massager category. its internal systems of dozens of air cells massage the entire lower body during one of four pre-programmed massage sessions. this affordable, readily accessible dual system of lower body massage chair and foot stool/table top is ideally suited for the space-conscious among us. electronically-managed massage system provides soothing and carefully choreographed pressure-point treatments through foot reflexology. other benefits are gained through alleviating stiffness and pain in the calf and lower back areas. a system of air cells provide foot massage therapies that hone in on key pressure points of the foot and calves that follow age-old shiatsu practices – practices which have been proven to alleviate pain, stiffness and discomfort in all areas of the body. tapping inada’s 50 years of massage chair r&d, this “mini chair” was developed as a low-cost option to a full fledged massage chair. for today’s budget conscious consumer, cube provides even greater user value with its multi-purpose design as chair, ottoman, side table and lower body massage. its novel design also makes it an ideal interior design complement and conversational addition to any décor. cube is the perfect culmination of precision japanese engineering, unrivaled massage expertise, a storied company legacy, and a sense of whimsy.


  • Full foot and calf massage with shiatsu point therapy
  • Air-actuated seat and low-back massage
  • Four pre-programmed sessions
  • High and low intensity setting
  • All-in-one massager, stool, and ottoman

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