Inada HCP-R100A Yu Me Massage Chair, Black


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The Yu Me rocking massage chair is a holistic massage experience so powerful that it will transcend your expectations of what a massage chair can offer. Yu Me faithfully replicates age-old shiatsu master manipulations and motions that transform, relax, and transport you to a place of total serenity. it and 8217;s the perfect massage chair for everyone, the perfect chair for you and for me! never before have so many advances been incorporated into one massage chair model. Yu Me incorporates the industry and 8217;s gold standard in body scanning, Inada’s proprietary body scanning,but there’s much more to Yu Me, a whole collection of new and remarkable capabilities. A proprietary neck stretch pillow with unique capabilities that only Inada could have possibly conceived and developed. a proprietary calf and foot massage feature that will delight and amaze you, and make your calves and feet feel better than ever. color kinetic leds that add a visual relaxation component to your massage. and (of course) the completely amazing ability of your massage chair to also be your rocking chair! using rotary rocker technology, an industry first, the Yu Me’s gentle rocking motion soothes your body and mind completely. experience a shiatsu massage that maximizes relief, removes tension and stiffness, and offers you an escape from the stress of everyday life. blending eastern medical knowledge, modern technology, and a collection of proprietary features and functions, Yu Me delivers unsurpassed therapeutic benefits, ultimate stress relief, and holistic relaxation of your mind and body. posture correction, neck traction, stretching, full body massage therapy, targeted therapeutic massage, and daily stress reduction. get it all by customizing each massage to your specific needs.


  • Thera-eliptical-kneading (TEK) expertly massages your calves by providing compression and rotation at the same time like a massage therapist
  • Rotary rocker technology (RRT) smoothly accelerates and decelerates chair velocity at each end of the rock motion precisely mimicking the motion of a traditional rocking chair, smoothly, silently, completely relaxing
  • Zero-gravity massage chair and recliner provides a medically recommended neutral body posture that relieves tension by placing you in a comfortable flexed-knee and back position that results in gentle lower-back traction
  • Color kinetic leds let you drift away as your darkened room gradually and peacefully shifts between the calming hues provided by color kinetic leds with colors and pacing specifically to clear your mind and help you slip into a calm, serene state
  • Proprietary pillow provides kneading, shiatsu-style acupressure massage, gentle rotational movements, and gentle neck traction closely mimicking the movements and sensations of a skilled massage therapist
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Inada HCP-R100A Yu Me Massage Chair, Black

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