Human Touch HT-7120 Robotic Massage Chair, Black Leather


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The Human Touch HT-7120 is the perfect bridge between state of the art technology and the ancient art of massage. What sets it apart for the competition? The HT-7120 is loaded with some of the most advanced massage features on the market. For starters, the rotating calf and foot massager provides invigorating relief to tired, sore muscles. The lumbar heater soothes lower back muscles in preparation for a therapeutic massage, simulating the healing hands and techniques of an expert massage therapist. You control it all with Human Touch�s Massage Comfort Number Technology that lets you seamlessly adjust from a gentle to an intense massage. Take a seat in the HT-7120�s rich leather upholstery and discover a chair more beautiful and effective than chairs twice its price.


  • Adjustable width control on foot and calf massager allows for a customized fit for your calf and foot massage
  • Rotating multi-speed foot and calf massager has two 15-minute programs offering a gentle or vigorous calf and foot massage
  • With the push of a button, the power recline backrest will recline to a 170 degree angle
  • Massage comfort number allows you to adjust massage level from gentle to intense without interrupting your massage session
  • Lumbar heaters gently warm lower back muscles, gradually reducing tightness and pain
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Human Touch HT-7120 Robotic Massage Chair, Black Leather

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