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Create a homemade spa environment with Dr.Soooothe’s Heat Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap (instant heat, reusable). Dr.Soooothe’s heat therapy wrap provides targeted, therapeutic relaxing heat therapy to soothe away tension, stress and strain. Patented technology to prevent hot spots and provide consistent, therapeutic heat, without the need for electricity. Uniquely designed to fit the neck and shoulder area, with slightly weighted soothing gel to provide a comfortable and secure fit. The structure and size makes this heat pad a great solution for cramped neck, trapped nerve, upper back rheumatic arthritic or just to use it for general fatigue .This heat pad with it’s perfect match for the neck and shoulder area, along with the long heating period is one of Dr.Soooothe’s most popular products. Simply flex the small metal disc inside the pad and a magical molecular reaction, causing crystallization (from liquid to Crystal form), is begun. The energy released from this reaction creates the heat, fixed for nearly 3 hours. The heating process can be initiated and the pad can be reused over and over again. The neck and shoulder gel heating pad wrap provides ideal tension and muscular tension relief, instantly! Can be used cold for injuries or inflammation in the area. After use: 1. Boil water in a pot. 2. Place a cloth on the bottom of the pot. 3. Place the gel pad on the cloth inside the pot, and boil until all crystals are dissolved and the pad is completely clear. 4. Take the pad out of the water and place it on a cloth, to cool down. 5. When the pad is cooled down, it is ready to be used again. 6. If Crystals starts forming while the pad is cooling, just repeat steps 1, 2, and 3.

Dr.Soooothe Shoulder and Neck Gel Heating Pad Wrap for immediate Muscular Tension, Cramps and Pain Relief


  • Comes with quartz inside the gel! Quartz offers numerous advantages including keeping the pad hot longer, they provide soothing feeling and Some believe that quartz crystals offer healing advantages by attracting life force from your core so that it nourishes your mind, emotions and physical body!
  • Get soothing relief for neck pain and soreness with this easy to use heat therapy pad - For best results, flex the metal disc between your thumb and forefinger until it 'clicks'. Then you should see a white crystallization rapidly appear throughout. If you do not see that take place, then flex the disc again until it does click. Quickly reach up to 130 Degrees Fahrenheit and hold that temperature up to 2.5 hours! Can also be used for cold therapy!
  • Specifically designed for the neck, delivering a steady source of heat that causes blood flow to increase, which in turn helps relieve static inflammation and also brings healing oxygen to the tissues while carrying away toxins so that pain is relieved and you begin to feel much, much better!
  • Unique structure and size make this pad a great solution for a cramped neck, trapped nerve and upper back rheumatic arthritis along with general fatigue and stress!
  • Built to last! This durable, long-lasting heating pad can be reused hundreds upon hundreds of times - just boil after use and its ready to be used again, no microwave or electrical charging needed! Comes with a full money-back guarantee.
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