Contour Freedom Back Massage


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Massage has been added to this popular full-length back support. Cushion features 10 zones for proper alignment and support in any chair. The cordless, battery powered massage goes anywhere. The unique shape is so effective because it was inspired by the body’s natural posture and designed to fit the curves of your back. It helps relieve stiffness and pain around the low back, legs and tailbone area. The spinal groove keeps pressure off of the spine while the full-size back supports from your shoulder blades to your tailbone. Lightweight and portable design.


  • Unique spinal channel allows your back to be fully supported without exerting pressure on your tender spinal column.
  • Full-length back provides complete support and comfort from upper back all the way down to your seat.
  • Anatomic shape contours to fit the small of your back, providing plenty of TLC: Total Lumbar Comfort.
  • Sculpted shape comfortably supports and reduces uncomfortable stress and pressure that prolonged sitting can cause
  • Narrow shape design to allow free movement of arms and shoulders
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Contour Freedom Back Massage

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